How to refer if you are a health or social care professional

Health and social care professionals, including GPs, occupational therapists, social workers and community teams can refer people to the TIHM Monitoring Service.  Please ensure you have discussed this project with person/s you are putting forward and received their permission before completing the referral form below.

The referral criteria for the TIHM Monitoring Service is as follows.  It is available to:

  • anyone who has a diagnosis of dementia, regardless of age, who lives at  home and is registered with a Surrey GP
  • anyone aged 65 and older who has a diagnosis of depression and/or anxiety and lives at home and is registered with a Surrey GP
  • regular carers of people who qualify for TIHM will also be offered the Service. The carer can be a partner, relative, friend or a paid carer who provides regular support

Please note:

  • People who are able to use the devices independently, without help, do not need to have a carer to receive the TIHM Monitoring Service
  • Don't worry if the person being referred does not have broadband, they can still receive the service. We'll be using a mobile Wi-Fi device to connect anyone without broadband or a good Wi-Fi  signal in their home
  • The TIHM Monitoring Service is not able to support people who live in a care home

To make a referral please complete the online Referral Form